Solve conflicts

Conflict management for leaders – This training conveys an awareness of one’s own ability to deal with conflicts and the right solution strategies and conversation tools in order to resolve existing conflicts confidently and prevent emerging conflicts from arising or escalating in the first place. It gives participants more confidence in dealing with difficult conversations.
In order to achieve maximum learning effect and practical benefit, this training is motivating and interactive and the exercises are based on the participants’ specific practical cases.

Target group
are managers from all levels who, ideally, have already successfully taken part in our “Leading Employees to Success” training.
Your goals
are to recognize conflict situations, understand the causes and gain the ability to solve or avoid conflicts sustainably.

Training content

  • How do conflicts arise?
  • Recognize your own conflict behavior
  • Conflict constellations (employees, colleagues, boss)
  • Conflict dynamics and escalation levels
  • Dealing with different types of conflict
  • Strategies to avoid conflicts
  • Deal with confrontations confidently
  • Active listening
  • be able to agree with the other
  • Live a culture of error
  • Objectify conflicts in conversation
  • Be specific and authoritative
  • Solution-oriented action
  • Create win-win situations
  • Respectful treatment
  • Dealing with your own and other people’s emotions
Forms of conversation
  • Conduct conflict discussions on the same level
  • Resolve conflicts between employees
  • Conduct criticism and reprimand discussions with employees
  • Conduct complaints discussions
  • Criticize without judgment

training forms

In-house training for your team

Individual coaching

“It is not those who argue that are to be feared, but those who avoid.”