Strengthen the sales

How to sellThis interval training increases your personal impact and teaches you the methodology of successful sales and relationship management. It initiates a sustainable change process in terms of communication and behavior, primarily by developing your strengths in a motivating manner. The central content of this training is the promotion of the sales personality in the most important success criteria, such as the mental attitude, the personal impact/appearance and an effective conversation technique.

Target group

  • sales managers, sales representives
  • Sales supporters inhouse
  • commercial agents
  • Everyone who wants to successfully sell themselves, their ideas, their products or their services

Training objectives

  • Recognize and use one’s own potential
  • Joy in selling
  • Present oneself with confidence
  • Confidently conduct discussions and negotiations
  • Communicate convincingly
  • professional relationship management
  • Efficient work in sales

Training content

The right mindset

  • Goal-oriented “mindset” as a prerequisite for successful action
  • Networked and entrepreneurial thinking and acting
  • Self-motivation / dealing with setbacks
  • Courage and assertiveness

Effective appearance

  • Increasing personal impact
  • Self-image / external image
  • Use body language correctly
  • Presentation techniques

successful relationship management

  • Customer-oriented action
  • Personal level in dealing with customers
  • Emotional Selling

Effective conversational skills

  • Use questioning techniques in a targeted manner
  • Being able to listen and implement signals from others
  • Conduct difficult conversations confidently
  • Avoid, recognize and resolve conflicts
  • Price discussions/ make the deal
  • Use a complaint as an opportunity
  • Courage to speak up about unpleasant things
  • Professional telephone calls
  • “cold calling” on the phone


  • Goal-oriented work
  • Importance of adequate preparation
  • Follow-up of customer calls
  • Customer-oriented offer
  • Time management / setting priorities correctly

training forms

In-house training for your team

Open mixed training

Individual coaching

Training “on the Job”

„Um der Konkurrenz voraus zu sein, müssen Sie den Kunden nicht nur zufriedenstellen, sondern ihn mit Ihrer Leistung begeistern.“

A methodology for sustainable effective results

In order to achieve maximum and sustainable practice transfer, this training is positive, motivating and interactive and designed in interval mode. After each day of training, there follows a practical phase lasting several weeks with concretely defined goals for each participant. With practice reports on the following training day, combined with personal feedback/coaching, each participant is encouraged in his personal development.