Present convincingly

Experience rhetoricThis training conveys and promotes a confident and convincing appearance in front of a group. It also increases your personal impact and teaches you the methodology of successful rhetoric.

In order to achieve a maximum learning effect and practical benefit, this training is positive, motivating and interactive. Your strengths will be developed in a motivating way.

target group

… are all those who want more confidence in their presentations in front of an audience and want to communicate more convincingly.

Training goals

  • Present oneself with confidence
  • Present and convince professionally
  • Lead discussions confidently
  • Increase personally strengths

Training content

The right mindset

  • Motivating “mindset” as a prerequisite for successful action
  • Dealing with stage fright
  • To be a rock in the sea

Effective appearance

  • Increasing personal impact
  • Self-image / external image
  • Use body language correctly
  • Presentation techniques
  • Dealing with disruptions

Effective communication

  • Communicate convincingly
  • Ask the right questions
  • To be able to listen
  • Recognizing and responding to signals from others

Successfully leading meetings

  • Be a moderator
  • Leading discussions
  • Dealing with a group
  • Result-oriented management of meetings

Training forms

In-house training for your team

Open mixed training

Individual coaching

Training “on the Job”

„Um eine gute Stegreifrede zu halten,
brauche ich drei Tage Vorbereitungszeit.“

A methodology for sustainable effective results

In order to achieve maximum and sustainable practice transfer, this training is positive, motivating and interactive and designed in interval mode. After each day of training, there follows a practical phase lasting several weeks with concretely defined goals for each participant. With practice reports on the following training day, combined with personal feedback/coaching, each participant is encouraged in his personal development.