Online Training

An effective alternativeFor the topics of our classic programs, which you can find under the “Program” tab, we also offer an online version, which we carry out live and in direct interaction with our participants.

The communication exercises that are important for the training effect are carried out online with the participants. Interactions among the participants are also possible and exercises in small groups in virtual “Outbreak Sessions” can be carried out.

In this way, we also create an atmosphere conducive to the sustainable learning effect in our online training courses and can respond to the individual needs of our participants and accompany them in their personal development.

Themes Online Trainings

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Team Effectiveness

The contents and procedures are adapted to the feasibility of online training courses compared to our classic training courses.

When is anOnline Training useful?

  • If the required travel expenses for the participants are disproportionately high (e.g. in the case of stays abroad) or cannot be realized for other reasons.
  • In times of crisis such as pandemics, the online training offers an ideal opportunity to strengthen yourself from the home office and to prepare for the time afterwards in the best possible way.
  • If your company is predominantly managed virtually or the sales predominantly will be done virtually
  • For one-to-one coaching, conducted with regular sessions over a longer period of time, our online coaching offers a time and budget-friendly way to make personal progress.
  • As additional support for longer interval times in classic training or as hybrid training.

How does an Online training work?

The Online Training takes place live and on fixed dates with all participants of a closed training group. Due to limited group sizes, individual reference to each individual participant and the implementation of individual conversation and presentation exercises is possible.

Depending on the topic, several 2-4 hour sessions are held at one to two week intervals. All participants log in via their PC/notebook at the agreed time and, as in face-to-face training, can see and hear each other at all times. For the interval phases there are tasks for sustainable implementation in your own practice. Hand-outs such as leaflets, worksheets, etc. are provided online.

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Open mixed training

Individual coaching

Sustainability of an Online Training

In order to achieve maximum and sustainable practical transfer, our online training courses are also positive, motivating and interactive and designed in interval mode. After each training session there is a one to two week practical phase with concretely defined goals for each participant. Every participant is supported in their personal development through practice reports in the subsequent training session, combined with personal feedback/coaching.

„Was vorstellbar ist, ist auch machbar.“