Communicate type appropriate and convince

Conversation based on gesprächsführungInsights Discovery®

This communication training based on Insights Discovery® enables you to to use personal strengths and to communicate more convincingly with others. You get the opportunity to better understand your own behavior patterns and those of other people through self-images and images of others. You increase your ability to communicate and persuade by adapting your behavior towards others according to type.

In order to achieve maximum and sustainable practical transfer, this training is experience-oriented, motivating and interactive.

training goals

  • Identify personal strengths and potential
  • Strategies of persuasion in communication and presentation
  • Overcoming barriers in communication
  • Dealing with “difficult people”
  • conflict avoidance
  • behavior in change processes

target group

… are managers, salespeople and anyone who wants to get a better understanding of their own behavior, assess others better and convince them in a way that is appropriate to their type, communicate more conflict-free and want to get ahead with themselves.

    training forms

    In-house training for your team

    Individual coaching

    The Insights Discovery® preference model

    The Insights Discovery® preference model has a modular structure and provides insights into personal behavior, work and communication styles. The use of the preference profile helps in a very fast, precise and well-founded way to make communication and cooperation in the company organization more pleasant, more effective and more successful. The performance of teams improves noticeably and change processes are managed more easily. It is about the deeper understanding of being different and about the willingness to adapt to others.

    In addition, the profile contains numerous points of reference to develop personal strategies for effective communication and sustainable relationships and to initiate a personal development process. The 72 type assignments are made by measuring attitudes, judging and perceiving functions. In the typ wheel, the user’s typology is displayed in a context model. Individuality and group dynamics are equally illustrated. The high validity and reliability of Insights Discovery® is guaranteed by ongoing reviews by well-known research institutions.

    „Wer auf andere Leute wirken will,
    der muss erst einmal in ihrer Sprache mit ihnen reden.“