Increase Creativity

Finding creative solutions in innovative processes.The drastic changes in our economic activities make it very clear to us that we can only survive with innovative solutions. We are in a competition for creative solutions, which we must win against our competitors if we still want to be successful tomorrow. The first priority in any company today must therefore be the creation of new valuable solutions.

In order to come up with the best possible innovative solutions, it is necessary that we question existing thinking strategies, get out of our one-track thinking and clear the way to significantly more creativity. In order to succeed, we need a strategy that helps us to consistently develop the innovative potential of our team in the company.

This workshop conveys the most important prerequisites, tools and procedures for creative problem solving and is already oriented towards finding a solution for your specific topics and challenges.

Your goals

  • Development of innovative products
  • Increase marketing
  • Increase customers need
  • Optimize internal prosess
  • Human resource development
  • Realignment of the company
  • Increase sales and earnings
  • Cope with crises
  • Reduce costs

Our Targets

  • You leave mental one-way streets
  • You initiate creative thinking processes
  • You recognize the essentials and focus consistently on your goals
  • You expand your innovation awareness
  • You consistently question existing processes
  • Finding creative solutions becomes part of your corporate philosophy


Possible methods

  1. Evaluation and definition of tasks and objectives
  2. Team-building and communication-promoting action based on Insights Discovery®
  3. Imparting a basic understanding of creative processes and the application of the most important methods and tools for innovative ideas finding
  4. Carrying out one or more creative processes for your specific task
  5. Support/advice on sustainable implementation

Choice of methods

    • Classic brainstorming
    • Imaginary brainstorming
    • Brainwriting 635
    • Brainwriting Pool
    • Stimulus Word Analysis
    • TILMAG-Method
    • Morphological box
    • Osborn-Method
    • etc.

training forms

In-house training for your team

Individual coaching

“It is a sign of a great mind to separate thinking from the senses and to lead reasoning away from its usual path.”