Manage yourself

Time and self managementIn this training, essential methods of self- and time management are taught. You will experience how you can optimize your time management and pursue your goals more consistently . You will learn how to remove obstacles and avoid stress.

You will also learn how to increase your own creativity and that of a team.

target group

… are all those, who want to be more aware of themselves, want more freedom for the important things, eliminate stress and want to work more effectively and efficiently.


training goals

    • Conscious use of time
    • Dealing with changes
    • Strengthening of mental fitness
    • Set specific goals
    • set priorities meaningful
    • onsistently pursue goals
    • Self-motivation
    • Identify and eliminate stress factors
    • Develop courage and assertiveness

    Training content

    dealing with myself

    • Define personal goals
    • Develop clear ideas
    • overcome blockages
    • recognize opportunities
    • onscious self-awareness
    • avoid stress
    • trust yourself
    • concentration and flexibility

    dealing with time

    • define goals
    • Conscious energy management
    • set priorities meaningful
    • recognize time thieves
    • plan tasks
    • making decisions
    • being able to let go
    • delegating tasks

    dealing with others

    • consciously perceive others
    • Personal effect on others
    • to be able to listen
    • being able to say no
    • Conscious and unconscious influence
    • Courage and assertiveness
    • defense against attacks
    • Efficient conversation

    Be creative

    • allow creativity
    • Leave mental one-way streets
    • Think in terms of opportunities
    • Brainstorm with yourself
    • Lead yourself and others to ideas

    training forms

    In-house training for your team

    Individual coaching

    „Man löst keine Probleme, indem man sie auf Eis legt.“

    A methodology for sustainable effective results

    In order to achieve maximum and sustainable practice transfer, this training is positive, motivating and interactive and designed in interval mode. After each day of training, there follows a practical phase lasting several weeks with concretely defined goals for each participant. With practice reports on the following training day, combined with personal feedback/coaching, each participant is encouraged in his personal development.