Managing projects successfully

Planning, initiating, implementing and successfully completing projects – This training provides a practice-oriented introduction to project management. The participants get to know the basic methodology of project management using their own practical cases, how to initiate projects successfully, plan them sensibly, carry them out efficiently and monitor them and also successfully complete them.

In addition, this training provides impulses for successful team communication and the beneficial interaction with project partners.

Training objectives

The participants should be able to use the tools and procedures that are suitable for them to plan, initiate, implement and successfully complete their projects, taking into account time and cost specifications.


Target group

  • Poject managers
  • Projekt leaders
  • Projekt initiators

Training content


  • Introduction to project management
  • The phases of a project
  • Selection of simple tools for project planning and implementation


  • Competences and resources in project management
  • Embedding projects in organizations
  • Selection and filling of project roles
  • Manage projects individually
  • Risks and opportunities in projects
  • Crisis management in projects
  • Time management / setting priorities correctly


  • ensure the flow of information
  • Communicate intelligibly
  • Motivative talking
  • Agree on common goals
  • Present convincingly

Successful team management

  • Create team understanding/ strengthen cooperation
  • Increase creativity / finding ideas
  • be a moderator
  • Result-oriented management of meetings

training forms

In-house training for your team

Individual coaching

„Zusammenkommen ist ein Beginn, zusammenbleiben ist ein Fortschritt, zusammenarbeiten führt zum Erfolg.“

[ Henry Ford ]