Strategic Sales

Get the ideal customerIn this workshop, you and your team will develop a concrete strategic approach for your sales activities. Who is our ideal customer and who is it not? Who are the right contacts? Who is the decision maker? And what roles do they play? The better we know our target customers and their “players”, the more specifically we can influence the sales process. With a perfect strategy and preparation, we increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our sales.

This workshop is a perfect complement to our classic sales training “How to sell”

Target group

  • Sales supporters inhouse
  • Sales managers
  • Sales people
  • Commercial agents

Your goals You want …

  • increase the efficiency of the sales process
  • increase your completion rate
  • shorter sales cycles
  • adopt a common team methodology for winning complex sales projects
  • increase the chances of success in current projects
  • secure long-term incoming orders

Training content


  • Definition and goals of a sales strategy
  • The interplay of strategy and tactics
  • What are strategic customers?
  • The way from potential to completion
  • Who are the buying influencers?
  • What attitude, roles and motives do the “players” have?
  • What influence do our contacts have on the purchase?
  • How helpful are our contacts and how can we intensify them?


  • Each participant defines a strategic customer in preparation for the workshop.
  • You get a more clear picture of the current purchasing situation of your strategic customer.
  • You develop a specific strategy for your target customer.
  • You will receive a concrete action plan to implement your strategy for acquiring the customer you have defined.

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“Der Sieg einer Mannschaft hängt weniger davon ab, wie gut sie in den letzten Sekunden eines Endspiels ist, sondern mehr, wie gut sie im Training war.”