This video (German language) gives you an initial impulse as to what NextCom® stands for and what we can do for the success of your company.

It is about your goals.

Employees are the greatest asset of every company and their willingness and ability to perform are decisive for the company’s success. If we set ourselves high goals, then we need employees who are motivated and able to achieve above-average performance. And, as in sports, above-average performance is always the result of systematic training.

Unexpected and therefore unused potential slumbers in each of us. Experience has shown that the sole imparting of knowledge hardly changes anything. For this we need a program that promotes and challenges our employees in their entire personality.

We motivate managers, salespeople and employees in other responsible positions to recognize and implement their individual strengths and equip them with effective tools for sustainable implementation in their practice. In this way we make your employees and thus your company more successful.

Opportunities for meaningful change

Leadership training


Lead employees to success.

This interval training increases your personal impact and teaches you the methodology of motivating and successful leadership.

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Sales Performance


How to sell.

This interval training increases your personal impact and teaches you the methodology of successful sales and relationship management.

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Team development

Team-Effectiveness with Insights Discovery®

This workshop makes the personal strengths of each team member recognizable and improves communication within the team and to others.

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A methodology for sustainable effective results

In order to achieve maximum and sustainable practice transfer, this training is positive, motivating and interactive. And it is designed in an interval mode. After each day of training, there follows a practical phase lasting several weeks with concretely defined goals for each participant. With practice reports on the following training day, combined with personal feedback/coaching, each participant is encouraged in his personal development.